The Positive Impact of a Mobile App

Everything seems to be going mobile.  There is a mobile application for just about any type of business or task nowadays.  By 2020 it is projected the mobile app market will be $189 billion, representing 270 percent growth.  With 95 percent of the U.S. population owning a cell phone and 81 percent of these devices being a smart phone, a mobile app is a necessary tool for many businesses, including chambers of commerce.  It is imperative for not only retaining members, but also for recruiting new ones.

Below are just a few of the many benefits your chamber can encounter thanks to a mobile application:

Increases the Activity Level of Members

Keeping members engaged is one of the biggest challenges chambers are facing today.  Members become more active when they have valuable chamber information at their fingertips.  With a mobile app, members can stay on top of upcoming events and easily register via their smartphone as well as easily connect and engage with other members.  An active chamber is a successful chamber.

Makes it More Convenient to Keep up with Chamber News

Since the average smartphone subscriber uses their device over four hours per day, it is critical that chamber news be readily available on it.  The convenience factor is critical for keeping busy members engaged.

Helps to Attract and Engage Younger Members

Attracting Millennials is another key challenge every chamber is facing.  Almost ninety-eight percent of this generation have smart phones; therefore, they are accustomed to using mobile apps to order food, compare prices, bank, request a ride and much, much more.  For this generation, a chamber mobile app is not just a “nice to have”, but is a “must”.

Introducing ChamberLynk

ChamberLynk is the industry’s first mobile application not only designed specifically for chambers of commerce, but also built by chamber members and former chamber employees.  We understand the top challenges chambers are facing today and how to help overcome them.

ChamberLynk is a flexible, user-friendly mobile app that provides multiple benefits for members as well as staff.  Furthermore, ChamberLynk also includes an online portal that can be easily integrated with a chamber’s existing website.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to sharing the power of ChamberLynk with you.  Please contact us at

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