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As chamber staff, you realize that a chamber’s mission is to serve its members and contribute to their success in a variety of ways.  However, the most commonly mentioned benefit by members is leads or business opportunities.  Members often calculate their membership ROI (return on investment) based on the amount of revenue added to their bottom line thanks to their involvement with a chamber.  This is a key incentive for joining, but a chamber offers many other benefits that can ultimately contribute to ROI as well as result in other advantages for members.  When these other benefits are more apparent to members it will result in a higher level of customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to increased revenue for a chamber.

We realize that demonstrating some of these other advantages can be difficult sometimes so this is one of the reasons why we developed a mobile app built specifically for chambers called ChamberLynk.  As chamber members and former chamber employees, our team realized there are many benefits associated with being a chamber member.  With ChamberLynk, the value of many of these benefits are enhanced as demonstrated below:

A critical component of being involved with a chamber is the networking events. ChamberLynk not only allows members to register and pay for these gatherings with their smart phones, but also enables members to make the most of every event by letting them know in advance who exactly is attending.  With the mobile app, members can also check out other attendees’ profiles or connect with them prior to the event, helping to ensure the right connections are made onsite.  These connections can be potential new customers, partners or even vendors.

Also, the connections feature is a 24/7 networking opportunity, with the ability to connect with individuals as well as companies.  Members can even communicate with other connections in a variety of ways.  The networking does not have to stop just because an event is over.

Chambers provide many different advertising opportunities for members, from printed directories and newsletters to the chamber website and email campaigns.  However, wouldn’t it be more impactful and efficient to have member generated deals and/or ads available at everyone’s finger tips all the time?  With over 80 percent of Americans using smart phones nowadays, this is possible thanks to ChamberLynk.  You can take this even one step further and open up just this feature to the surrounding community.  As residents and visitors take advantage of any special deals, the chamber can further demonstrate the value and positive impact it can bring to a member’s bottom line.

Businesses and residents that are new to a community frequently call the local chamber for referrals for goods and/or services they may need.  Wouldn’t it be great to just refer them to your new mobile app?  It would be another easy way to generate new business for your members and further demonstrate the value your chamber provides.

These are just a few of the many features / benefits ChamberLynk offers members.  This mobile app not only provides advanced capabilities for members, but it also includes many features / benefits for staff. We would love to show you all that ChamberLynk offers!  Please contact us at

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