Benefits for Chamber Staff

With everyone being so busy these days it is often difficult to keep members engaged. However, the ChamberLynk mobile application solves this issue along with many others. Its leading-edge features benefit chamber staff as well as members.  Below is a list of its powerful features / benefits.

Member Engagement

Members can stay engaged even when not at an event.  With ChamberLynk, members can easily connect with each other, communicate in different groups, share articles or local news, and advertise specials their business may be running currently.  The opportunities can be endless!  See your community thrive and your chamber become indispensable to local businesses.


Member Management

Easily manage member information and the renewal process.  ChamberLynk can be a standalone package, handling every aspect of member management, or it can be used to enhance your existing member management software.


Event Management

ChamberLynk is ideal for scheduling events as well as advertising them in a multitude of ways to members.  To keep members informed, this versatile app allows you to send email campaigns, app notifications, event reminders and text alerts.  With these different notification options, you will be sure to know how many members will be attending, making it much easier for overall event planning.


Enhanced Member Communication

Connect with your members like never before! Join groups with them, and send broadcast messages, texts or emails easily via the app.


Advanced Reporting

The advanced reporting capabilities are unmatched in the industry.  With ChamberLynk, you can receive details about your member retention rate, renewals, upcoming expirations and other member trends.  In addition, quickly receive revenue updates from membership or advertising opportunities.  Also, collect valuable data regarding the number of connections your members have, how many times deals are visited and much more.  This information can be shared with prospective members to further demonstrate the value your chamber offers.

Revenue Generation Opportunities

A little extra revenue is always nice.  Increase it easily with deals, articles and ads posted by members.  Members will see their businesses grow and you will see your membership retention rate soar!


Board Member Communication

ChamberLynk is a great app for keeping your board members informed and engaged too.  You can communicate separately with them via the app, text, email or online chat.

Member Retention

Member Retention is key to a strong Chamber. Without your members, it is impossible for you to accomplish your goals and strengthen your local community. Members expect more from their chambers than just the normal. Giving your members tools that they can use and grow their business with is essential to both retaining current members and growing your membership. With ChamberLynk you can manage your memberships while giving your members a platform they can grow their businesses on. Increase your member retention today with ChamberLynk.

Community Outreach

Chamber’s are only as vital as the members they represent and the community they serve. ChamberLynk gives you a tool that allows you to interact with both members and community in real time. ChamberLynk makes it easy to reach your members and share what is important to them and your community from anywhere. Your members can grow their businesses while becoming more involved with your organization, each other and the community. With our technology, you can build an information network for your local community. A place for the community to come and learn about events, businesses and more. Make your chamber the hub of your community with ChamberLynk.

Member Engagement Member Retention Aditional Revenue Community Outreach